Clothing swap at Camp!

fat babes having an amazing time at a clothes swap

One of the things that 2020 attendees liked best about Camp was the clothes swap, so you bet that’s coming back. The number of babes who said “I never expected to be able to get clothes from other people in my size!” in joy was really special.

Basically, you bring along nice clothes that you don’t want anymore, we’ll sort them approximately by size, and then there’ll be a very civil free-for-all of trying and laughing and being delighted to get new things for free and to see your once loved items going to great new homes. Makes sense? Yes!

We’ll be going with a “two items at once” rule to make sure everyone gets a fair chance – basically you can only hold two items at once. If you decide to keep those two items after trying them on, then you put them aside, or otherwise put them back and then you can pick up two more things.

But what if there’s no one my size there?
One of the questions I’ve been asking on the registration form is what size people are, and there’s a good spread of all Boom sizes! Plus I might bring along some extra items if I reckon there are any gaps.

I’m flying so I can’t carry much, OR I don’t have much to contribute
That’s okay! Just bring what you’ve got/can fit.

So should I bring along like everything I’ve got that I don’t want anymore?
Please only bring items that you think others would actually want to wear – this means clean, in good condition and without any need for major repairs (a missing button is one thing, a huge rip is another).

Do I have to take back my clothes at the end if they don’t find new homes?
No, I can find them an appropriate home here in Wellington.

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