2022 – If I can start a business, I can go down a waterslide – Karla Lewis

Meet Karla. One half of Two Lippy Ladies. Aspiring model, dance enthusiast, drinker of fine wines (well any wine to be fair), a good bitch baker, future wife of Idris Elba (disclaimer – not really but you have to have goals), and deadly competitive at karaoke.

Karla looking fabulous in a green dress, brandishing a purse

Karla’s talk is called “If I can start a business, I can go down a waterslide”. Learn about how she went into business, keeps the business going and her other projects this year which she is just “giving a damn good go”. Whether you have your own business (or aspire to) or not, you’ll learn about people management, trusting your instincts and how to make a splash.

Karla was supposed to give this talk in 2021, but, as you know, that didn’t happen. We’re stoked she’s bringing it back.

Published by Joanna

Joanna founded House of Boom in 2018

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