2022 – New journalism scholarship to Camp Boom

We use scholarships to make Camp Boom more accessible to a wider range of people, to make sure that we are more equitable. New this year, thanks to funding from one of the Boomettes, we are also offering a Media Scholarship to Camp Boom.

We need more fat stories in the media (stories about actual people, not just headless fatties and scaremongering about the “o* epidemic”) and more positive representation because fat issues are important and fat liberation helps everyone. So this scholarship is for one journalist to attend Camp, learn from it, and then spread the kaupapa further. 

You can be freelance or working for a news organisation (traditional or otherwise), and deal with print, video or podcasts or anything in between – what your platform is isn’t important. What we want to see is that you’re using it wisely. Preference will absolutely be given to fat journalists.

We’re not looking to dictate the story to you, or asking for copy approval. You will need to respect Camp participants though, only publishing names and photos with their permission.

Apply for the scholarship by October 13 by letting us know a bit about you, why you want to come to Camp Boom, where you hope the story will be published and providing a couple of examples of your work. The application form is here.

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