2022 – Telling a story with Kylie Klein-Nixon

Portrait shot of Kylie, a fat babe
A picture of Kylie Klein-Nixon, a fat babe

We need more fat stories to be told as we fight for greater representation in the media. So Kylie Klein-Nixon is going to tell us how to tell those stories.

After living in London for a decade, doing PR by day and writing music reviews by night, Kylie returned home to retrain as a journalist in 2006. She subbed community papers and reviewed movies and books, before joining Stuff as Entertainment digital producer in 2015. A highlight of this was getting to interview Paul Stanley of Kiss. Kylie is from Lower Hutt and proud of it. She is now a senior reporter for Homed, where she writes about property, and a regular columnist for Sunday magazine where she writes about social issues and life in all its awkward glory. You might remember her from her piece on Fat Swim.

Kylie will take us through the ins & outs of journalism, teaching us how to pitch a story and sharing some yarns about her life in pop culture along the way.

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