2022 – A tasty tasting session

I love wine tasting because it’s a great way to try new things and learn stuff while hanging out with friends. Hang on, did I just describe the entire Camp Boom experience? I think I did! But I know that not everyone is into wine, which is why we’ll also be doing a beer tasting at the same time, as well as a soda tasting for those who aren’t into alcohol. Thanks so much to Ōhau Wines, Urbanaut Brewery and Bootleggers Soda for supporting fat babe community!

  • A selection of Urbanaut beers
  • a selection of Ōhau wines
  • A selection of bootleggers sodas

Never done a formal wine tasting before? That’s fine! You’ll be guided through it. Believe me when I say I’ve done a lot of wine tasting. You don’t need to have prior knowledge. All that matters is trying something new, and figuring out if you like it or not. You can describe your wines as “tasting like bananas & nostalgia”, or “fragrant tobacco, rich soil, white flowers, smashed minerals and metal” – both are valid!

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