2022 – Fat Yoga at Camp Boom

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Founded in 2017 by Sarah-Jane Duff of the plus size fashion label Lost and Led Astray, FAT YOGA’S ideaology is to offer yoga which is accessible to all body types. 

We believe in diversity and fighting to change negative perceptions of the FAT body. Striving to create a community space where we can talk freely about our bodies and explore our powers within, we believe that FAT is simply a descriptive word. We’re dedicated to taking the power back from a word that’s held negativity for so many for far too long – helping our yogis feel empowered in their bodies and minds. 

What to expect from our Camp Boom session: Mindfulness meditation/breath work followed by a nourishing and adaptable FAT yoga session.

Spaces to change clothes will be available at Camp Boom if you need them. There is one shower available at our venue.

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Joanna founded House of Boom in 2018

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