Creating change in your community – with Rebecca

Rebecca, a fat babe with amazing hair, stands in front of a rainbow wall

Rebecca Matthews is a second term Wellington City Councillor, but don’t worry, she has still retained her personality and sense of humour against all odds!

Her session here will be about how to create change in community, something she has (ahem) decades of experience in – most recently helping create a push for more housing in Poneke in her role on council. Rebecca has been both a grass roots and a paid campaigner on issues as diverse as the Living Wage, student debt, abortion law reform, paid parental leave, pay equity for early childhood teachers, rights for disabled people and MMP. Yes, her drawers at home are filled with every ugly campaign t-shirt you ever saw.

At Camp Boom, Rebecca is keen to share what she has learned and continues to learn about fighting for change, while still trying to be a happy and functioning human. So how can you can combine community activism with all the other roles you have, how you build effective movements for change, how to build coalitions and take actions that show your creativity and strength as individuals and groups. And how to make all of that enjoyable!

When not boring people about housing, Rebecca lives in Ngaio with her blended family, reads books, listens to records and drinks cups of tea.

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