Model behaviour with Holly Sara

Holly, a fat babe in glasses

I want to question everyone right now – why do you not take more pictures of yourself? Selfie, full body, a professional photoshoot.. what is truly stopping you? For me, it used to be because of my double chin or the fact I wear glasses, sometimes it was simply because I didn’t have control of the angle! After purchasing Belle last year in May, I realized I needed to start getting uncomfortable and quick!

I promise you, I’m still awkward in front of the camera and don’t like most photos of myself but that’s only because I pick out ALL the flaws.. and let me tell you.. they aren’t flaws to anyone but me.. so.. I’m pretty excited to have the opportunity to talk to you about learning to love yourself, how to jump into the uncomfortable… and thrive, plus how to take the best picture today.. now! 

My name is Holly Sara and I am the agency director for Belle Models. We are an agency making waves in an industry that typically doesn’t give opportunities to ‘different’. Belle’s vision is to represent authentic, real and diverse individuals and sometimes make dreams come true – all while building up more self love and body positivity focus in this crazy and often judgmental world. 

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