Visiting Hours – with Dr Izzy

Izzy became a doctor because of Grey’s Anatomy (sort of). It turned out that real life hospitals were different from the ones on TV. This “Hospital Medicine 101” will demystify how hospitals are structured and work, a patient’s journey through a hospital, and how medical teams think about hospital admission, diagnosis, treatment, and discharge. Being a fat person in the medical system can be scary and frustrating, so hopefully this talk will leave you feeling more knowledgeable and empowered.

Dr Izzy Lomax-Sawyers

Izzy is a fat gay feminist who qualified as a doctor in 2020. During medical school she wrote a viral blog post about being a fat medical student. Since then she has given talks on weight stigma to medical school lectures and medical conferences. She’s also a keen writer, and her first book Vital Signs was published in 2022 and chronicles her first year as a junior doctor. A nomad at heart, Izzy completed her studies in Dunedin, Greymouth and Invercargill, and since qualifying has worked in Auckland, Christchurch, and now Whanganui where she is a registrar in a surgical specialty. She last attended Camp Boom in 2020.

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