A floral adornment with Lissie

Lissie, a fat babe, listens intently at Camp 2022

One of the reasons we do craft at Camp is because it’s a great time to get to know your fellow participants and make some new friends. Conversation flows that much easier when your hands are busy. During this floral adornment session, make your choice of a buttonhole, corsage or floral jewellery. Using a mixture or fresh florals and greenery, beads, wire and ribbons; make yourself a gorgeous piece that reflects yourself and nature. 

I’m Lissie 

Based out of Tamaki Makaurau, I am passionate lover of Northland, simplicity, spirituality and living my dream career as a florist. 

The 2022 camp was my first time attending and it was also the first time I had done something on my own for 10 years. The positive impact it has had on me, is the reason I’m looking forward to bringing and creating a special floral piece with you all. 

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