Tasting Pete’s Sodas

I love wine tasting because it’s a great way to try new things and learn stuff while hanging out with friends. Hang on, did I just describe the entire Camp Boom experience? I think I did! But I know that not everyone is into wine, which is why we’ll also be doing a beer tasting at the same time, as well as a soda tasting for those who aren’t into alcohol. This year the lovely Pete’s Sodas will be providing us a range of their flavours both classic and super to get into. Are you more of a ginger beer person or a beetroot & lemon soda person? We’ll find out!

Pete’s Natural Sodas are 100% natural, made sustainably, bottled in Pete’s solar powered factory in Motueka. They use only NZ-grown fruit, and their glass bottles are made from recycled glass, which is then recyclable again. Excellent work! Thanks for supporting fat babes, Pete & co!

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