Stopping family harm – with Iris

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Did you know that there is a family harm report to the police at least every four minutes in New Zealand? Our rates of intimate partner violence are one of the highest in the developed world. This means that it is highly likely that someone you work with, or one of the school mums, or someone you stand on the sideline with on Saturdays watching sport may be experiencing family harm.

We know it is hard to talk about, but at Camp we will just cover the basics. An explanation about some of the tools that we use when we talk about intimate partner violence and some things you can do to help, and where to find more information.

Meet Iris

Hi, I’m Iris. I studied social work as an adult student and now work in the family violence sector in Christchurch. Every day we work hard to support and education people experiencing family harm and those at risk of using harm. In my spare time I love to sew, spend time in my garden and be an active parent in the lives of my four children.

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