Fat fobs fuck too

A picture of Tiana

Tiana’s talk is all about reclaiming your sexual energy.

It’ll use her journey to unpack and address the impact of social constructs, colonisation, religion, media, societal assumptions on her sexual wellbeing as a brown, bold, big, beautiful woman.

As per her tinder profile, Tiana describes herself as ‘Thicc Mana Moana MILF Goddess’. She is a cultural educator by day and a cock enthusiast by night. Provoked by her Masters research on the reclamation of indigenous sexual narratives entitled ‘Sex The Pacific Way’ she has set up an Instagram page called ‘Cock and Culture‘.

Her desire is to create a safe online space to normalise conversations around sex, to promote brown, bold, big, beautiful sexual energy, to unpack how colonisation and religion have impacted our understanding of sex and influenced our sexual practices whilst also seeking to empower her followers to reconnect with their indigenous sexual energy by aligning with the maramataka, or what she affectionately refers to as the maramafaka.

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Joanna founded House of Boom in 2018

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