Tickets to Camp Boom 2023 are now on sale!

That’s right, it’s happening again. The programme is still filling up, and there are some speakers’ bios still to come, but you can grab your ticket or apply for one of the eight current scholarships now. Get in touch if you want to do a talk or run a workshop!

Making Ula Lole with Theresa

In Samoa, ‘ula lole (lolly/candy necklace) are necklaces made of lollies, and are a contemporary Samoan (and Polynesian) tradition intended to celebrate the successes of loved ones. There are many ways to make ula lole, often personalised, especially for family and friends. In this session, we will sit, chat and make colourful (and tasty) creationsContinue reading “Making Ula Lole with Theresa”