2022 – Pivot! Pivot!

Just a couple of quick updates as Camp draws every closer (two sleeps! Or basically, no sleeps for me): I hope this is the last schedule change I’ll have to make but hey, let’s not make any assumptions because anything might happen. thank you in advance for your flexibility and understanding!

2022 – How to make worker legislation work for you with Linsey Higgins

Linsey recognises the challenges of being fat and having workplaces that expect you to fit into them – especially when you’re disabled. Drawing on her knowledge of employment, and health and safety legislation, Linsey will share some experiences as well as tools and strategies to make your workplace fit you. Linsey is a fat, queer,Continue reading “2022 – How to make worker legislation work for you with Linsey Higgins”

2022 – Panel discussion: The intersection of fatness and indigeneity

‘Decolonise your body’, ‘decolonise your beauty standards’. These are key ideas in a truly intersectional fat liberation movement, but what do they actually mean? Hear from wāhine/ tāngata Māori as they unpack these ideas through a discussion of their lived experiences at the intersection of fatness and indigeneity.  This panel is chaired by Emma Parangi,Continue reading “2022 – Panel discussion: The intersection of fatness and indigeneity”

2022 – Cake decorating with Penny

Penny is a science nerd and amateur cake baker who lives in Wellington with her husband and two cats. Her love of baking really took off when she became vegan around 12 years ago and she is self-taught from a mix of practice and YouTube vids. Penny will cover some baking 101 including basic tools,Continue reading “2022 – Cake decorating with Penny”