Frequently Asked Questions

“The best fat hangout ever! Totally safe and fun and inclusive! Come to Camp Boom! You’ll meet other cool peeps!” – Lissy, 2020 attendee

Who is Camp Boom for?

Fat women & fat gender minorities, age 18+. And it goes without saying but we’ll say it loudly anyway: trans women are women. You are welcome. As to what fat is – there’s no tape measure involved here. You know if you’re fat or not.

Do I have to be a House of Boom customer or even like House of Boom to come along?

You absolutely don’t need to be a Boom customer – if you don’t like my clothes or my aesthetic, that’s not a problem. You probably do need to be down with some aspects of Boom in order to have a good time at the camp though, like using the word ‘fat’ instead of euphemisms and being an intersectional feminist (or willing to learn!).

Tell me about accessibility

  • There is flat access into the building and then an elevator up to the second floor where we’ll be.
  • There are gender neutral and accessible bathrooms.
  • There’s a variety of seating available (including a pillow pile) and we’ll make sure to move around.
  • The space has some natural lighting but we will need to use overhead lights for most of the activities.
  • We will use a microphone to ensure speakers are loud enough for everyone.
  • We may play loud music and have disco lights on the Saturday night.
  • Quiet spaces will always be available.

I know everyone’s accessibility needs are different so please do feel free to get in touch if you have any specific queries or there’s ways I can make Camp a great option for you. I’m 6ft and a size 28 so rest assured I tested out chairs for sturdiness!

What about COVID-19?

We are asking everyone to take a RAT in the mornings of Camp to ensure we can keep people as safe as it is possible to be during a pandemic. RATs are available for free, but if you are having difficulty accessing these, please let us know before the event.

The venue has a lot of open space so air can move around, and we will have a CO2 monitor going to check air quality. The event will be capped at 50 people, which is 25% of the capacity of the space.

Masks are not be mandatory but if you are more comfortable, please do wear one.

Can I bring my kids?

I know access to childcare can be a barrier for people to attend events like this, but unfortunately we don’t have the resources to provide childcare at this stage. If this would make the difference between you coming to Camp next year or not please get in touch so we can look into it.

Because we are serving alcohol, Camp is an R18+ event. However – if you’re still breastfeeding and your child isn’t mobile on their own, we should be able to accommodate you and them. But if they can move around, unfortunately it won’t be a safe environment.

I want to come but I’m worried because I won’t know anyone!

Don’t worry, with only ~40 people at Camp, it’ll be easy to get to know people. We’ve got some get-to-know-you activities planned, everyone will be friendly and we’ll make sure you won’t get left alone – unless of course you want to be.

I have dietary requirements

We can cater to your dietary requirements, but please let us know in advance when you book your tickets.

Oh no, I booked a ticket but now I can’t come! Can I have a refund please?

If your circumstances change and you’re no longer able to attend Camp Boom, let us know in case there’s a waiting list we can pass your ticket on to, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive a refund, sorry.

The exception to this is if you test positive for COVID-19 in the week leading up to Camp, in which case you can have a refund.

I like the sound of [….] and […] but I don’t want to take part in […]

That’s totally fine! It’s your Camp experience, so do what you want to do and skip the things you’re not keen on. There will be other spaces you can go and chill out in.

Yay, what should I pack?

You’ll receive more detailed information closer to the time, but for now consider:

  • Clothes you can move in for the movement classes
  • Any plus size clothes in good condition that you don’t fit or are bored of that you’d like to find new homes for at the clothing swap
  • A drink bottle
  • Money for the optional dinner on Friday
  • Spending money to shop the wares other Camp attendees will be bringing.
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