Get involved

“Such an incredible sense of community – sat down to Friday night dinner at Camp Boom with a table full of strangers and by the time the food arrived it was a table full of friends” – Fran, 2020 attendee

Want to help make the camp the best weekend ever, get in touch and let’s have a chat! We’ve giving you the opportunity to support Camp because maybe:

  • what we do aligns with your values
  • you know your products/brands are a good fit for the fat community
  • Or maybe you just want to work on your karmic balance for past transgressions.

Here’s a few ideas about what your involvement might look like.


Lots of stuff goes into making the camp a success.

  • Maybe you’ve got samples that could go in our swag bags.
  • Maybe you make delicious treats we could eat in our snack sessions.
  • Maybe you’ve got wine or beer or soda we should be trying in our tasting sessions?
  • Maybe you have art supplies that we can use in one of the classes.
  • Or maybe you’d like to do a giveaway in exchange for promotion?

Let’s talk!


Or perhaps rather than specific products, you’d like to use cash to promote your business. You could be looking to sponsor:

  • a particular speaker to the event
  • the drinks at our dinner
  • Content for the swag bags (probably around 45 bags)
  • Gifts for speakers
  • Maybe even a full scholarship to the camp for someone who wouldn’t be able to attend otherwise.
  • If a full scholarship isn’t an option, you can donate to a partial scholarship over on the ticket page – donations start at $5.

Get in touch and we’ll see if we can make this work.

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