“Camp Boom was a boomin heck of a good time! I loved being around fat people, queer people, my people without having to apologise for my fat body or worry about it taking up too much space” – Catherine, 2020 attendee

Camp Boom is a mixture of activities and talks that are about being fat – and activities and talks that happen while fat. You choose what you want to attend – if something isn’t too your taste, take the opportunity to chill out, go for a walk or have a nap. It’s your weekend.

Please note: Speakers and sessions may move around the timetable or change as the schedule develops to make sure different types of activities are spread well throughout.

Friday November 25

Optional: group dinner at a central restaurant (tbc). This will be at your own cost.
(All activities are optional of course, but this is extra optional if it’s easier for you to get to Wellington on the Saturday morning)

Saturday November 26

10am. Welcome

10.05am: Getting to know you with Creatif Kate

10.35am: If I can start my own business I can go down a waterslide – with Karla

11.05am morning tea

11.30am: Panel discussion: the intersections of indigeneity and fatness

12.30pm: How to be a fat activist in five minutes a day – Joanna

1.00pm: Lunch

2.00pm: It’s a Drag – with Willy

2.30pm: Cupcake decorating with Penny

3.30pm: The Devil Doesn’t Need An Advocate But Some People Do – Erin

4.00pm: Afternoon tea

4.30pm: Crafting with Victoria

5.30pm: Wine/Beer/Soda tasting

6.30pm: Clothing swap

7.30pm: Dinner (pizza), drinks, disco & assorted socialising


9.00am: Holding space with Ema Tavaloa

9.30am: Medieval fighting with Dayna

10.00am: How to make worker legislation work for you with Linsey

10.30am: Morning tea

11.00am: Fat Yoga

12.00pm: Telling a Story with Kylie Klein-Nixon

12.30pm: Lunch

1.30pm: Fat & chronically ill – shedding the shame

2.30pm: Broad in the Seams – with Jess

3pm: afternoon tea

3.30pm: Life drawing with Dimmie

4.30pm: Wrap-up, review and farewell

5.00pm: Go home now

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