2022 – Fat and Chronically Ill; Time to Shed the Shame – with Kath

A selfie of Kath - a fat babe - in a library. Kath wears glasses and has rainbow coloured hair

Join us for a conversation about being fat and living with chronic illness.  With so much stigma and shame around health for fat folk, chronic illness can be extra difficult to live with for fat people.  Join Kath for a discussion on breaking down stigma and shame, working your way through the medical minefield and sharing our experiences with living with chronic illness.  From diabetes to fibromyalgia, arthritis to ME, and beyond to any and all you may be dealing with or nervous about, let’s have a safe space to talk about it.

Kath Read is a librarian and long term fat activist who has spent more than 16 years fighting for the dignity and respect of fat people.  She has been living with chronic illness for some time and has had to negotiate the health care system in both Australia and New Zealand as a very fat woman, to get diagnosis and care.  She moved to Aotearoa New Zealand three years ago and lives and works in Wellington/Te Whanganui-a-Tara – and absolutely loves it here!  She can’t wait to become a real Kiwi.

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